GameDaily Connect
GameDaily Connect Asia is about matching the creativity of the games industry with new media innovation and investment to find the next big thing.
It brings together more than 100 speakers and lectures from the leaders in the emerging markets of the games industry covering game design,
social gaming, funding, next-generation technology and best practices. 
Explore Game Innovation & Design
Over 100 leaders in emerging markets of the games industry will discuss game design,
casino, funding, next-generation technology, best practices and more.
Networking System
Along with access to networking parties and educational lectures, GameDaily Connect attendees get access to our PINE Tool meeting system.
This system will allow you to grow business relations before, at and after event.
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Indie Prize & Dev Showcase
We believe in serendipity. We believe in the power of coming up with original ideas and turning them into amazing games that are both innovative and beautiful.
Join us for the largest and most prestigious global independent games showcase.
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